5 Tips On How to Reduce Drayage Costs

When you’re looking to grow your business or launch a new product, trade shows can be a great resource for gaining new leads, industry updates and networking. If you're new to the trade show industry, or [...]

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Testimonial Tuesday: Surface Hair

How did we set the Surface Hair brand apart from their competitors on the show floor during Premiere Orlando? Here's what the client had to say: "Capturing and engaging the audience’s interest is an essential [...]

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Featured Trade Show Booth, July: Hairfinity

We know it’s true: People no longer want to be spectators. Instead, they want to be fully involved participants, immersed in content...Enter interactive multimedia displays. When designing the new Hairfinity booth, we used their video [...]

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NeoCon Showrooms 2017

When it comes to your interior space, our team of experienced designers and expert installers guarantee a successful transition from your initial vision to the big reveal. We are skilled in building a variety of [...]

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Congrats Behind the Chair Stylist Award Winners!

We want to wish a big congratulations to all of our clients who won big at the Behind the Chair Stylist Choice Awards during Premiere Orlando! In addition to working with them on their booth [...]

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Featured Trade Show Booth, June: Community Coffee

Like most things, coffee just tastes better with a rich history. Being 4 generations in the making means their bond is as strong as their roasting process at Community Coffee, named in 1919 for their [...]

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