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Happy FRIYAY! Here are 5 links we’re currently loving:

1. As with anything, it’s important to study the past if you want to define the future. We spend quite a bit of our time planning, attending and talking about trade shows but where did the idea originate? Find out the history of trade shows here.

(photo source – Cessna booth, photo taken in 1967)

2. The “one size fits all” approach is quickly becoming extinct when it comes to the world of events. Find out 4 ways to create a custom and memorable event experience.

3. When you’re ready to invest in a new trade show booth, there are many questions to consider including the difficult decision to rent or purchase. Here are some tips to help you compare the benefits of both.

4. All of your marketing efforts on Facebook go to waste if you aren’t posting at optimal times. Find out what those are to increase your impressions and engagement.

5. LinkedIn is a great platform for finding capable employees, but that’s only the beginning of its value. Chances are, you are probably not using it to its fullest potential in areas like content marketing and event preparation — yet, anyway. Read on.

6. BONUS: We can’t get enough of the idea that soon, we won’t have to leave our desks (or bed) to score a Starbucks coffee…though let’s note, this is one step closer to the WALL-E lifestyle. How lazy can we get, friends?

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