5 Things to Consider Before a Trade Show

Whether you’re a veteran manufacturer with years of trade show experience or a novice who is new to the show floor, setting attainable budget goals is a vital part of exhibiting. But there is so much more that goes into the cost of exhibiting outside of the booth…

Here are 5 things to consider before you build a booth and/or exhibit at your next show:

  • Before design, think of direction: Determine your goals for exhibiting, what elements best fit your brand and consider the show’s rules and regulations in terms of what they allow on the floor. Include your whole team on the vision for the design, this is a grand representation of your image and should be universally agreed upon.
  • Be realistic about your budget: Do your homework and figure out what your vision REALLY requires dollar wise. For example, a few years ago, demo stations had become a high demand for many of our beauty clients. This allowed the end user to test out different tools like blow dryers, curling irons, brushes and so on. The electrical costs alone to run these items could be overwhelming for a new exhibitor, as the average price to run JUST a blow dryer might be a 15-20 amp, approx. $225 for one circuit. So it is not just the cost of building the component…you must consider all parts and pieces to have a better idea of what you can spend on the actual design.
  • Choosing your design team: There are many talented exhibit houses and creative teams but most likely, there is one that will make an impression…consider these things when finding your perfect match:
    • Do they have an “A to Z” approach to managing trade show display projects? If you’re looking for a team who can take you from the build to set up on show site, it’s important to look for a turnkey service that provides a full service trade show exhibiting process (like us!)
    • What is their customer satisfaction rating? Ask for client referrals; get client testimonials and customer feedback. If you’re trying a new restaurant, you might glance at their Yelp reviews before you make a reservation and this is no different.
    • Glance through their portfolio…Does their creative scope blend with your vision and brand image? Do you feel about their previous work and abilities?
  • Space is a terrible thing to waste: While a large footprint on a trade show floor seems ideal, those who can’t afford it should not worry. You can make an impact, even in a basic 10×10 booth as long as your brand is well represented and you focus on key elements. Think about making connections, having productive conversations and following up on leads after the event to leave a lasting impression.
  • The customer is always right: Okay, that not may always be true but in terms of your booth design, it’s not JUST about your brand. You must also remember to think about how the customer will react to your booth. After all, your main objective is probably to convert leads into customers so think about how your design invites them in and shows them something they’ve been missing in their life. Find a way to work their needs into your design and the over all experience so they walk away feeling like that not only want but need your product or service.

*Remember, a trade show is one of the most crucial marketing tools for a brand. It is the only time you have both your clients and the competition in the same place so choose your shows wisely, plan ahead and most importantly, stay true to your brand.

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