5 Tips for Exhibiting in Chicago

Coming to Chicago for a trade show? It’s a wonderful city with so much to offer and we are proud to call it home. Here are a few recommendations for you, whether you’re in need of advice on the show floor or looking to have some fun while you’re here:














SEE: Dine like a local and leave with an understanding of how important pizza is to Chicago’s culture. Reserve your spot with “Chicago Pizza Tours” and learn the science behind ingredient selection, baking methods and stories behind the businesses as you travel more than 20 miles to sample historic slices from hot spots all over the city.

SHOW: Do you know what material handling/drayage charges actually include? Unloading your exhibit materials‚ storing them up to 30 days in advance at the warehouse address‚ delivering the materials to the booth‚ handling of empty containers to and from storage and removal of materials for reloading onto the outbound carrier.

SHOW: Did you know that only in Chicago when you use the term “rigging,” that refers to forklift labor? Riggers are responsible for un-crating and un-skidding, then re-crating and re-skidding all machinery. Installing your sign from the ceiling is actually called “hanging sign labor” which is installed by the Decorator Union. This is an important one!

SHOW: Did you know that you must complete an outbound material handling form with the General Contractor for each shipment going to a different destination? You will need to provide the shipping address, carrier, number of pieces and weight. This form must be turned in after the close of the show when all items are packed and labeled.

SEE: Take in the views from “The Ledge” at Chicago’s Willis Tower! Head up to the 103rd floor for 360-degree views spanning across 50 miles and 4 different states. If you’re feeling brave, you can dare to stand on The Ledge’s glass balcony extending 4 feet outside the building, providing an unforgettable view from one of the world’s highest buildings!

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