6 New Years Resolutions You Can Keep

Blogworld contributor Janice Cuban recently shared Six New Years resolutions for small businesses that you can do right now. Because it’s a new year and a fresh start, everyone has suggestions and advice for how to improve your brand in 2014 but this comprehensive list is realistic and to the point, perfect for setting company goals this year.

While I shared the article in full with my team, number 5 stands out significantlly: Be Ahead of The Curve.

Cuban states, “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made recommendations to clients based on an understanding of what’s coming next in their industry, a new marketing tactic, or other valuable information I’ve discovered. Sure, they may be familiar with some of these ideas already, but the fact that I can confirm this also validates their choice to hire me in the first place. Not surprisingly, I often get my best info by setting up an organized curating system. Whether it’s making recommendations to retail customers or  clients, they will thank you for it.”

As a Creative Solutions Group, we are constantly trying to compose a rhythm that the world has yet to hear. But, without research and the famous Steve Jobs mantra, it’s easy to get left behind. There are many companies who can provide you with a gorgeous exhibit or a well-executed event, but it is the equation of our passion for our work and clients plus the thirst to beat the next wave that keeps us steady.  This world is full of brilliant ideas, so it’s best to stay informed and like Cuban said, “think of your own wish that you want to do…and do it!”

Whether it’s business or personal, what is your New Years resolution? Share with us!

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