Congrats, Gloster!

As a preferred vendor at the Merchandise Mart, we do quite a bit of work in the building on a regular basis. Whether it’s producing a logo for a client at Stylemax or installing raised letters for a Neocon showroom, we feel at home there so the best gift we could get is hearing one of our client’s has won best in show. Congrats to Gloster who is the new recipient of 7 design awards for their showroom!


“Thanks Mike, it was a great week as we won the showroom award (thank you and job well done) along with an unprecedented 7 design excellence awards including best of furniture, best of accents…and best of show. We were certainly the rock stars of the industry last week…Thanks KFCI!” – Eric Parsons, Gloster President

Our signage team has been involved in the interior design progression over the past few years, making the transition especially important to us.

Here is a brief history of our involvement with the award winning Showroom…

  • Prior to 2013, Gloster had some very poor quality wall murals printed on foam-core and taped to the walls. For a high-quality outdoor showroom, this wasn’t going to cut it…
  • We assured them that we could do an outstanding job with photo murals by printing direct to a canvas type wall covering called Abaco Beach which is applied with paste like wallpaper. This process eliminates seams seen with vinyl wall murals and has a rich elegant texture that hides imperfections in the walls 
  • Next, we produced a metal sign for the back wall, covered the back wall with teak and redid the murals a few more times
  • Most recently, in 2015, we completed a total remodel of the showroom, replacing the horizontal teak on the back wall with vertical slats of imitation teak made from stained clear pine. We also covered many other walls with this teak look, as well as redid the reception desk and adorned the space with new signage

Here are some photos of the showroom’s progression:



IMG_9949 twoThe award winning design – 2015

And here are a few shots of how the final showroom came together:





What do you think of the progression? Do you like the final presentation?

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