Experiential Display Trends to Watch in 2020

These days, when potential clients reach out to us, they are not looking for your typical trade show booth with 3 hard walls, carpet, signage and an overhead sign. They are interested in creating a user experience, as are most who have space at a trade show or special event. Over the past few years, brand activations have come a long way in achieving consumer engagement and creating connections which fuel lasting consumer-client relationships. Based on all of the projects that we brought to life in 2019 (and even those that didn’t end up coming to fruition), we have noticed a few trends in display design that we expect to continue throughout 2020.

Pop ups: This idea has been around for a while, but there are a number of brands looking to create new retail experiences. These types of promotional stunts provide customers with a unique and shareable experience which generates conversations, traffic, engagement, and ideally, sales.

5 Senses Marketing: This engages consumers in a deliberately designed space to engage all the senses which can create pleasurable experiences that translate into deeper brand loyalty .

Monochromatic Displays: When layered with interesting patterns, textures, and shapes, monochromatic color schemes can create unique and memorable displays

Instagrammable Spaces: It’s safe to say that almost all of the clients we worked with in the second half of 2019 wanted us to include a social media-inspired piece in each of our design concepts. Imagine if all attendees took a photo of your booth and shared it on their social media with a caption about how much they love the design (and hopefully, the product)…This creates ideal engagement and exposure.

Outdoor Inspired Spaces: The concept of “bringing the outside in” is a treat for attendees after being “cooped-up” all day indoors. This can be achieved through so many avenues including garden pergolas, living plant walls, garden furniture, outdoor games, grass mats, outdoor swings, etc.

What trends are you incorporating into your display this year?

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