How to Lose Weight Fast (In Your TradeShow Booth)

With the excitement of a brand new show season also comes the same stress factors such as, how to fit transportation and drayage costs into your trade show budget. Start by using a modular booth which allows your components to be configured and re-configured into an infinite assortment of shapes and sizes. Modular can still be custom so achieve the “look and feel” of a high-end build but at a significant cost saving.


(click the image to see our modular system in action)

5 ways modular displays will help you save:

  1. Modular exhibits often use fabric printed graphics and lightweight aluminum to keep drayage costs down
  2. A smaller/lighter exhibit means less crates, thus resulting in less storage space
  3. Modular displays require less set-up/install time so you can get by with less staff and/or show services
  4. A modular system allows you to expand or reduce your exhibit space without using expensive components
  5. By using pre-fabricated pieces, adding or eliminating parts is simple. Much like building with Lego’s, it’s cinch to add on an extra piece or two

The Process

The Process - Dream It, Design It, Present It, Revise It, Make It, Brand It, Launch It

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