International Trade Show Checklist

If the thought of exhibiting overseas frightens you, you’re not alone. It can be overwhelming but only if you aren’t prepared. Remember, you already have the basic skills and experience to make this transition. From working with vendors to arranging shipments and booking flights to managing deadlines, you’ve been there, done that. But just to set your mind at ease, we’re sharing Exhibitor Magazine’s checklist which covers the basics of exhibiting abroad:

1. Create a timeline:
 Obtain a passport and/or visa.
 Book airline and hotel reservations.
 Transport your exhibit and/or accompanying materials.
 Add a 30-percent buffer to domestic timelines to account for time-zone delays.
 Contract for any necessary show services at your destination.

2. Develop a budget:
 Estimate hidden costs such as value-added tax (VAT) and raised flooring, if necessary.
 Ask potential vendors about all-inclusive pricing.
 Estimate the cost of currency fluctuation and consider prepaying.

3. Create an exhibit:
 Determine whether you will ship your exhibit overseas, rent locally, or buy a build-and-burn booth.
 Find international vendors or a vendor who builds internationally (LIKE US!)
 Establish a strict vendor contract with ground rules and deadlines.
 Select an international freight forwarder with extensive trade show experience.
 Familiarize yourself with foreign requirements for structures as well as international holidays that might impact your timelines.
 Hire an I&D crew if one is not included in your booth price (We can provide you with this staff!)

4. Train your staff:
 Plan transportation routes for staffers traveling between your hotel and the show venue.
 Determine common languages and hire the appropriate interpreter(s).
 Learn local customs for greetings and business attire.

If you’re ready to seize the overseas, let us know and we’ll take you there!

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