Ispy Gen Beauty Recap

We live in an experience-based world where in many cases, BOLDER is better; Especially on the trade show floor. These days, the question isn’t whether or not a booth will be eye catching enough, but rather, will it generate the most likes on Instagram? Our clients come to us looking for unique, out-of-the box ideas that will create memorable moments for their guests and now that everyone is considered a content creator, brands are eager to take advantage of making their public spaces a photogenic destination. 

For example, at Gen Beauty New York, both the KISS and JOAH brands had us incorporate instagrammable back walls as a way to lure attendees to their space and increase their social media exposure. On the same note, we celebrated PUR’s sweet 16 with a colorful ballon arch to match their confetti sprinkled booth and debuted a brand new retro design for DK Cosmetics, Korea’s number one makeup and skincare brand.

What Makes Your Space Memorable?




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The Process

The Process - Dream It, Design It, Present It, Revise It, Make It, Brand It, Launch It

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