Katherine Says: Client Profile with Viviscal Professional

Interview with Lindsay Kenoe of Viviscal (continued)

KF: Now that you have actually used the booth at a few events, have you found it to be successful for your brand?

LK: We love the look of the booth! When we were at ISSE, many people that were walking by stopped and looked at it. The booth is very professional and modern and it makes it approachable.

KF: Do you have any unique ideas or tips for drawing attendees to your space?

LK: We love our tag line ‘The Secret to Fuller and Thicker Hair.’ We have used the tag line at previous shows and it definitely attracted people to stop by. Last year we took pictures of the booth and products and titled them ‘Come find out the secret to beautiful hair,’ and it was exciting because people were looking for us and when they finally found the booth, they were so in tuned to the product. We didn’t have our tag line on the booth at ISSE and some people seemed intimidated to stop and speak with us.

KF: Do you have any insight on hair & beauty trends we can expect to see throughout the 2014?

LK: We think the ‘thinning hair’ category is going to be play a huge role in 2014. There are so many reasons for hair loss and unfortunately for many women, simple lifestyle factors such as stress, diet and over styling can all lead to thinning hair.

KF: What is the best part about working in the beauty industry?

LK: The people! We get to meet so many talented stylists in the industry who are eager to learn about new products and share their knowledge…they are the ones who make Viviscal Professional a success.

About the booth: For the re-design of the Viviscal booth, we used plywood with a standard white laminate finish. The counters were produced from plywood and standard white laminate finish. Both counters have a display with internal LED strip lighting to help make the products really stand out. The back wall details include:

-Several recessed windows with recessed puck lighting

-A section that we over-layed with 3D wall panels made from plant fibers which were painted a metallic silver. This helped the wall really pop!

-a 3D Viviscal logo finished with a brushed metal face on the top for brand ID

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