Live Streaming for Trade Shows

The amount of “Top 10” lists featuring ways to  enhance your trade show experience is staggering. Almost every day, it seems there’s a new rule: Be aggressive, not abrasive or make this event greener than the last. As an exhibit design team, we relish in features like these because they enable us to stay on top of our game and ensure that we’re offering the best of the best to our clients.


With that said, because there are so MANY suggestions, we are always looking for something that sticks out – maybe it’s a new technology or maybe it’s simply because we hadn’t thought of it before and in this case, it’s the latter. We recently digested the idea of live streaming for trade shows:

“With the majority of major U.S. conventions happening in just a few cities, it’s likely that you’ll want to reach folks who are unable to attend in person. According to, 50 percent the largest U.S. trade shows take place in Las Vegas, Orlando or Chicago. Live streaming and creating virtual events gives all interested parties an option to stay involved even if in-person attendance is not an option.” (source)

Launching a new product at your booth? Doing a live demonstration? Sponsoring a presentation for a large audience during the event? Share it with your clients (and potential customers) who couldn’t make it to the event. In addition to streaming it live, you can create your event as a video-on-demand for folks to watch at a later time.

The best part? It’s as simple as securing a camera, audio and internet connection, all 3 of which are probably already in your back pocket.

Have you live streamed from an event before? What were the results?

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