New Booth: Mizani

It’s hard to believe March is around the corner but time has been flying because we have been hard at work on some brand new booth designs! Most recently, we unveiled the new booth for Mizani at Bronner Brothers in Atlanta, GA. They recently released “True Textures,” a product line aimed at curly textured users to address their curl care and styling needs, so that theme was our base for their overall look and design. While the exhibit has a clean look with beautiful neutral lines, many of the intricate components and details balance texture and unique materials to help enhance the essence of their brand.

Here’s how we designed & fabricated the build:

  • Overall build: 30 x 30 custom fabric design and various custom hard-construction pieces
  • Body: Comprised of tube-aluminum arches with raised letters and a 14′ x 4′ double-sided header showcasing their dimensional logo
  • Graphics: 6′ x 6′ graphics were applied to both sides of arches using stand-offs along with floating plexi inserts between each arch to create definition and structure
  • Texture: Textured installations were implemented to meet the clients request of mimicking some museum-style pieces. To create this feel, we used wood laminate with 5′ acrylic boxes and each box was adorned with puck lights to create illumination. In addition, the checkout kiosk was layered with a textured “red rock” aesthetic to reinforce their vision for the texture line
  • Storage: We included two storage houses (utilizing our popular modular system) and the back walls of these spaces served as the perfect place for the TV display and the photo booth setup
  • Demo station: The interactive plexi texture bar was perfect for customers to test out their favorite products and get a true feel for the Mizani brand
  • Flooring: We went with a wood tile floor for high-end finish

You can see all of these components represented here:

Thanks to the Mizani team for making this such a wonderful project to work on!


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