Safety on the Show Floor

Ever wonder what 30 years of sweat and tears on a trade show floor can do? Besides fulfilling a passion, it can result in the need for a brand new knee.

Due to endless exhibit set-ups, countless miles walked, and an excess of frequent flyer miles, our CEO, Frank Cacciato, decided it was finally time to repair the damage: “Much like a woman in heels, I could only stand my knee pain for so long before switching to gym shoes, or in my case, getting a completely new part. If you love this industry like I do, it’s crucial to take the right precautions on the floor.”

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Here are a few things to remember while on the trade show floor:

  1. Comfortable shoes are key – Though they’re not the most fashion forward, gym shoes provide the most support which you will not get from flats or dress shoes
  2. Be prepared with a first aid kit that includes bandages, antibacterial gel, pain medication and most importantly – gel insoles!
  3. Stay hydrated- You need your energy and there may be a long time between meals
  4. Refrain from carrying heavy backpacks or purses – these can severely strain your back and shoulders
  5. Take 10 minute breaks throughout the day– sometimes your feet just need to rest!

P.S. Will we see you at #CosmoprofLV this weekend? Keep an eye out for our new booth designs on the floor!

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