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Whether or not you think about it every day, you and I are part of a great business, the professional beauty industry. The products we market, the designs we create, the materials we ship, even down to the freight we haul—everything goes into how positively the public experiences the salon industry. As the industry has grown, we have grown. Over the years, my business and yours have succeeded through the industry, and this is our chance to return the favor.

This year, my friend Reuben Carranza of Wella is being honored with the Spirit of Life award from City of Hope. With this honor comes the responsibility to raise funds for City of Hope’s research into life-threatening diseases and its compassionate patient care. Reuben has chosen to raise funds for diabetes research. And I have chosen to help him.

Here’s why: City of Hope is doing some of world’s most breakthrough research into the links between diabetes and cancer, while at the same time breaking the mold for how to treat the sickest patients. As you may know, I’m an eight-year prostate cancer survivor. My diagnosis and recovery was a rocky road, but I learned that it doesn’t have to be that way during a visit I recently made with Reuben to the City of Hope campus. Laboratory researchers rush the latest drug therapies to patients’ right in the next building; doctors use both high-tech and mind/body techniques for healing; nurses relieve pain while treating patients with dignity and tenderness.

City of Hope is part of our community. It has made its consultation and referral service available to you, me and every other member of the professional beauty industry. I’ve made the choice to thank them by supporting Reuben’s campaign, “Hope is in Style”. Please join me.

You can help in many ways. 1) Buy a ticket to this year’s Spirit of Life dinner on July 13 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas; 2) Make a direct donation to the cause; and 3) Start your own “Hope Is In Style” fundraiser in your community. Any level of support is welcome! What’s important is that we join, as business associates and as friends, in giving back some of the health, wealth and happiness we’ve enjoyed as part of this wonderful industry. Visit to see how easy it is!

Finally, ask your vendors to join our efforts as well. Ask them to give back to an industry that works hard for them, to give to a cause that we believe in and that we support. Because in the beauty business, hope is always in style.


Frank Cacciato, Jr

Katherine Frank Creative CEO

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