Why Rent Your Trade Show Display?

At Katherine Frank Creative, we have a wide selection of inventory of trade show display rentals available to enhance your exhibit. Whether you are looking for a single-use display, want to try something out for size before purchasing, need to add on to your existing exhibit or do not currently have the budget to invest in a customized trade show display, our affordable, exhibit rental options allow you to create the trade show displays and exhibits you desire in a convenient and affordable manner.

Our global trade show display rental service is available worldwide and includes all of the same services that we offer in conjunction with our other exhibit design services. When you choose to rent any or all of your display elements from us, we will work hand-in-hand with you every step of the way to provide you with our full-service creative design and planning services, as well as custom graphic design and printing, delivery and installation, breakdown, storage and more.

Exhibit rentals are a great option for companies of all sizes that are interested in creating attractive display rental and exhibits without budget constraints. All customized graphics are client-owned and can be used with any exhibit design and set-up, but the remaining aspects of the display booth can be adapted as needed to suit events, marketing objectives and budgetary needs.

Exhibit rental is the perfect option for:
• Companies that only exhibit on occasion
• Companies in need of exhibits on a budget
• Companies that vary the size of their exhibits often
• Companies who want to “try out” a particular look or function
• Companies looking to incorporate a unique element or feature at a particular event
• Companies interested in easily changing up the design or configuration of their exhibit
• Companies that need to supplement their existing trade show display to fill a larger space
• Companies that are growing and are not yet ready to commit to a new custom exhibit
• Companies requiring alternate displays to handle simultaneous events
• Companies interested in flexibility, adaptability and affordability

Exhibit components can be rented to add to an existing exhibit or all aspects of an exhibit can be rented. Whether one accessory or an entire modular display is rented, our experienced creative design team will work closely with you to design an exhibit that effectively meets your needs. In addition to recommending specific rental exhibit elements, we will also design and produce unforgettable quality graphics that get you noticed.

Just to get an idea of how versatile our display rental services are, here is a sampling of items available in our exhibit rental catalog that can be rented for your next trades how or event:

  • Modular displays
  • Towers
  • Backwalls
  • Islands
  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Shelving
  • Electronic equipment

Exhibit rentals allow you to do more with less, while still taking advantage of our full range of professional exhibit design and event marketing services.

To find out more about the items available in our extensive trade show display rental catalog, contact us at 630-620-7720.