Event Consulting for Trade Show Success


Our CEO, Frank Cacciato, has dedicated his career in the beauty industry to building successful relationships with top industry leaders and has earned the respect that permit his opinions to be heard by his peers and associates. His many years of travel have enabled him to meet with many A through Z manufacturers and distributors, expanding on his strong ability to bring people together. These traits have been proven through his show planning skills and involvement with numerous industry organizations.

Utilizing Frank as a trade show consultant gives you an immediate edge of knowledge in what is needed to make the most of your business, no matter what industry you’re in. Under the economic stress we encounter today, right sizing your business is a must and he is an expert in coordinating seasonal, independent contracting to supplement your internal design, show and marketing needs.

For those start-up organizations who do not have these departments already in place, using his knowledge and expertise can save your company money and unnecessary overhead during the crawl, walk, run stages one may face during entrepreneurial business growth.

  • Trade Show Strategy
  • Distribution
  • Cosmetology School Product Integration
  • Professional Beauty Industry
  • General Event Resources

To get in touch with Frank, please contact him at 630-620-7720.