What’s New at Katherine Frank Creative?

A new show season is quickly approaching and while we’re working on freshening up your space, we have also been making a few updates of our own…


Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Business Development: We are pleased to introduce our new Business Development Manager, Marissa Hohner and our Projector Coordinator, Haley Gavin. With a successful track record in Sales and Marketing, Marissa is a great addition to the team, bringing her experiences together to create new opportunities for internal and outward growth. Marissa will work with the KFCI team to consistently build upon our services and maintain long-term value for the company as a whole. Haley brings a wealth of experience in project management for various industries including real-estate and transportation, making her valuable asset to our production process.

Nationwide Business Partners: By partnering with top talent in national transportation, labor, and fabrication, we give our clients the highest quality service at the most competitive prices. This gives your show floor presence the chance to surpass competition while reducing your staff’s stress.

Installation & Dismantle: We are proud to offer nationwide representation of our services! Due to our most recent partnerships with a tier-1 I&D team, we now have a presence in virtually every state across the U.S., allowing us to provide professional and consistent labor crews who will be familiar with your properties. Partnering with a widespread work force means we can supply efficient labor as well as expand interior installations and fabrication.

Simplified Transportation: To meet the demands of our clients, we offer the most competitive shipping prices and an onsite service desk at all major events to accommodate last minute needs

Warehouse Locations: Additional off-site warehouse locations give us the ability to store booths all over the country, minimizing shipping & transportation costs

Expanded Fabrication Capabilities: We offer booth build & fabrication services in all 3 regions of the US and Internationally. Depending on where you are based and the location of your show, we can accommodate you by reducing transportation costs and securing the highest quality in fabrication.

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