Why Do You Need a Modular Trade Show Booth?

‪‎Exhibiting with a 10×10 space today and a 20×20 next month? You don’t need a whole new booth…you just a need a little modularity. One amazing system can transform your space into endless configurations which makes for easy exhibiting.

Here are 3 benefits of modular trade show displays:

  • Flexibility: Much like Lego sets, components can be configured and re-configured into a countless variety of sizes and shapes for different shows
  • Appearance: Modular exhibits have a framework that allow you to re-skin the graphics whenever you see fit
  • Custom: Based on their erector-set build, modular displays allow you to implement shelving, monitors, counters, and various other components that set the space apart

Modular Trade show Booths

The Process

The Process - Dream It, Design It, Present It, Revise It, Make It, Brand It, Launch It

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